About us

HEXERA AIRSOFT ARENA is Nagoya, Aichi’s premiere indoor airsoft arena. We are well known for our safety, Friendly customer service, fast action-packed games and professional attitude.

It’s time for the ART OF AIRSOFT.

HEXERA’s name is a combination of “HEX” which is an abbreviation of Hexagon, HEX can also mean magic and ERA which means “a long distinct period in history”.

 The Hexagon has been a symbol of harmony and balance throughout history. Since opening in 2019 we have always used Hexagon’s as our signature icon which is even represented in our logo since our initial formation as an Airsoft Arena.

 We have a small airsoft shop for all your game needs as well as HEXERA official brand items. We also have quality rental gear and English-speaking staff.

 HEXERA AIRSOFT ARENA also offers private groups. Private groups are great for parties, company events, and team building.

Book your private event today and have fun playing Airsoft!


Airsoft is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opposing players with airsoft guns which shoot 6mm round plastic pellets commonly known as “BBs.” A little-known fact is Airsoft was first played in the 1970s in Japan.

Although it is somewhat painful when hit by one of these BB’s, they cannot kill or cause serious bodily harm.

Even though airsoft guns are considered or perceived as “toy guns”, safety precautions will always be top priority at HEXERA.

 Most airsoft guns are the exact copies of their “real steel” counter parts. Some airsoft manufacturers even have licensing agreements with the original firearm manufactures in order to look as realistic as possible.

There are many types of airsoft guns that use different power sources the most common are electric guns or AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns), when hit by one of these guns they can only cause minor welts on the skin. That is why during game play protective gear must be worn to avoid serious injuries, especially around the eyes. Also, thick protective outfits are also recommended to be worn such as sweatshirts and some thick trousers can protect the skin from being directly hit.


Our Regulations

 Safety Area (2nd Floor)

 Weapons safety switch/catch must be on at all times.

Note: We do not accept any gun without a working safety.


Fingers must be off the trigger at all times.

Magazines must not be in until in the arena.

Never point the muzzle at anyone.

The muzzle must be pointed downward at all times in safety area.


Note: Discharging your weapon in safety area will result in your ejection from HEXERA without refund.

Game Rules

Eye protection must be on at ALL times when in the arena and shooting range.

One hit and you are out, if a BB hits any part of your body this includes airsoft guns and equipment such as plate carriers this should be declared as a hit.

Friendly Fire or “FF” both players are classed as HIT.

If it can be clearly judged as a ricochet this is not a HIT.

Do not “zombie” (to continue the game without declaring a HIT.)

Do not “overkill” (Keep shooting despite opposing player making a HIT call.)

Do not “blind fire” shooting an airsoft gun around the barricade without seeing the enemy.

Do not climb or jump over barricades. (Jump shooting half barricades is acceptable)

If you see any violation of HEXERA rules from other players, please do not confront the player. Please report it to the staff and we will respond to the issue promptly.

Any player guilty of un-sportsmanlike conduct such as shouting, obscene behaviour, cursing, or disrupting play will be stopped from playing.

Do not use physical contact with opponents and team members.

Running and sliding is acceptable. (If the staff judges that it is to dangerous, such as hitting a barricade or another customer with too much momentum, or hindering the HIT judgment, we may ask you to stop.)

All games are semi-auto only at HEXERA.

Note: Fully automatic & burst fire may be enabled depending on the situation and game type.

Age rules

Ages 18+ is strictly enforced at HEXERA AIRSFOT ARENA (high school students are not allowed). If you are under the age of 20, please print out the ” Parental Consent Form” (English version is Downloadable from this link), fill it out, and bring it to the store.

Airsoft Gun rules

We will check the power of all the airsoft guns that are brought in with a speed checker.

All players must only use Airsoft guns in their games. These guns must conform to Japan’s laws.

The legal limits on the power/fps of Airsoft guns in Japan is 0.98J or less using 6mm BB’s of 0.2g.


Deceleration adapters are prohibited.


0.2g / 6mm or less, plastic, semi-bio, bio, phosphorescent(Tracer) BB’s can be used.

* We may measure the weight of BB’s during the game or during breaks without notice.

About gas / CO2 gas gun

We only accept [HFC-134a] [HFC-152a] and [HFO-1234ze+LPG] gas


We only accept STGA CO2 certified Handguns (Japan Toy Gun Safety Association).


CO2 cartridges, only those sold for air guns by domestic Japanese brands can be used.

We hold the right to check the gas pressure of any gun without notice.

* Please understand in advance that CO2 gas guns are subject to stricter checks than Freon gas guns.


About shotguns

Shotguns that can change the number of BB’s fired such as 3 to 6, HEXERA only accepts 3 shots.

Electric shotguns are prohibited at HEXERA.


Please carry the airsoft gun in a gun case, gun bag, etc. until you enter the building (HEXERA).

Be sure to wear shooting glasses, goggles, full face masks, etc. to protect your eyes in the game area and shooting range.

Mesh type shooting glasses and goggles cannot be used alone. You must wear shooting glasses under the mesh.

Shooting glasses, goggles, etc. for purposes other than Airsoft such as sunglasses and glasses cannot be used.

Face guards although it is not obligatory, we recommend the use of a hard face guards.


When leaving the arena, remove the magazine from the airsoft gun and empty the chamber a couple of times in the designated box.

Use of airsoft guns without a switch for selection between semi-auto and full-auto is prohibited.

Do not use airsoft guns with a sharp muzzle or sharp points, or airsoft guns with an inner barrel protruding from the otter barrel.

You can use up to one grenade per game.


* Please store all grenades in a dedicated storage location in the arena.

The use of grenade launchers, claymores, 40 Mike etc. is prohibited.

Do not use items that make loud noises such as blank firing guns.

Do not use smoke, stun or sound grenades.

Tactical lights can be used (1000 lumens or less). Use of strobe/Flashing functions are prohibited.

The use of lasers (Of any class) is prohibited.

HPA and external source Airsoft guns are strictly prohibited.

No combustibles such as alcoholic beverages, sprays, fireworks etc are allowed.

The use of lighters and other heat appliances is prohibited.

* Cigarettes can be smoked in the designated smoking area.

Do not bring knives and other such weapons into the store. * Bayonets, swords and other such imitations are prohibited regardless of the material such as rubber or plastic.

In addition, items that the staff deems dangerous will be prohibited.

Moving installations such as barricades and shooting at arena facilities such as lights and other electronic devices such as speakers, smoke detectors, emergency lights, Cameras etc is prohibited.

* In the unlikely event that damage is discovered, we may charge for the amount of damage caused.

Drinking alcohol inside and outside the store is prohibited.

We may refuse entrance to the store with clothes or cosplay that our arena staff judges to be offensive such as excessive exposure, clothes with visible underwear etc and offensive cosplay.

In the event of an accident, injury, theft, or other such troubles in the store or parking lot, the customer is solely responsible.

Please refrain from talking loudly outside the building, such as inside the parking lot, for the consideration of the neighbors to the building.

It is prohibited to go out of the store with upper and lower camouflage uniforms, equipment, and exposed airsoft guns, including when entering and leaving the store. (This excludes smoking area and toilets)

Customers who have been banned from other airsoft sites may be refused entry.

If you refuse to understand the staff’s cautions and requests, you will be asked to leave the store.

We hold the right to refuse any entry of known criminal organisations, companies affiliated with criminals, general assembly shops or similar persons, or their members (collectively referred to as anti-social groups).