About us

HEXERA AIRSOFT ARENA was established in Nagoya city, May 2019. In August 2021 we moved to Yatomi city, our new location makes us Aichi’s largest indoor airsoft arena.

Our well-equipped, clean, and well-maintained Arena will be a great place for both men and women to enjoy Airsoft to your hearts content.

The Arena has been designed so that both beginner and advanced players alike can enjoy a fully immersive, fun, and safe experience.

Our staff are open and friendly with many years of experience and are always ready to help you.

We also have English speaking staff, so if you want to try out Airsoft in Japan don’t hesitate to contact us.

 It’s time for the “ART OF AIRSOFT.”

 Our Brand

 HEXERA’s name is a combination of “HEX” which is an abbreviation of Hexagon and “ERA” which means “a long distinct period in history”.

The Hexagon has been a symbol of harmony and balance throughout history.

Since opening in 2019 we have always used Hexagon’s as our signature icon which is even represented in our logo since our initial formation as an Airsoft Arena.


What is airsoft? Airsoft is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opposing players with airsoft guns which shoot 6mm round plastic pellets more commonly known as BBs. A little-known fact is Airsoft was first played in the 1970s in Japan.

 Although it is somewhat painful when hit by one of these BB’s, they cannot cause serious bodily harm. However, during games eye protection must be worn to avoid serious injuries. When hit by one of these BBs they can only cause minor marks/bruising to the skin. If it’s your first-time playing Airsoft, we highly recommend wearing a few more layers of clothing.

 There are many different types of airsoft guns that use different types of power sources. Some power sources that are available are Electric, Gas and Spring but the most common type are electric guns also known as AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns).


Our Regulations


Our arena is only as good as our player base, please make sure to follow the rules below to keep a high standard of Airsoft at HEXERA.




Ages 18+ is strictly enforced at HEXERA AIRSFOT ARENA. If you are under the age of 20, please show your ID or proof of age at reception.


NOTE: We will be holding under 18 events, but our normal games are 18+. The events will be listed in the calendar section of our website.

Safety rules

Do not point the gun at anything you do not intend to shoot.

Keep fingers off the trigger unless you are ready to shoot.

Treat every gun as if it is loaded.

Weapons safety switch/catch must be always on.

Magazines must not be inserted until in the arena, range or gunfight area.

When moving with a weapon in the safety area please make sure that the muzzle is pointed downwards.

Always keep in mind of where your muzzle is pointed. Sighting/pointing your gun at any person while in the safety area will not be tolerated.


Note: Discharging your weapon or grenade in the safety area will result in your ejection from HEXERA AIRSOFT ARENA without refund.

Arena, Range and Gunfight area rules.

Eye protection must be on at ALL times when in the arena, shooting range and gunfight area. In the event of eye protection malfunction or fogging please call yourself out of the game and exit to the safety area or if assistance is needed, please call for a member of staff.

Mesh type shooting glasses and goggles cannot be used alone. You must wear shooting glasses under the mesh.

Shooting glasses, goggles, etc. for purposes other than Airsoft such as Cosplay, Self/home-made

goggles, Sunglasses and everyday glasses cannot be used as eye protection.

Face guards although it is not obligatory, we highly recommend the use of a hard face guards due to the nature of indoor airsoft.

Respect the barricades, cover and objects at HEXERA. Please do not move any barricade, cover or objects in the arena (Example: Drum Cans).

Please do not climb or jump over any barricade, cover or object. (Jump shooting is allowed on half or three-quarter barricades)

If you see any barricade that is out of place, damaged or anything that is dangerously exposed please don’t hesitate to report it immediately to staff.

shooting at arena facilities such as lights and other electronic devices such as speakers, smoke detectors, emergency lights, Cameras etc is strictly prohibited.




If a member of staff yells “STOP” this means all players must stop play and to make your gun in a safe condition (Magazine out, chamber clear and gun on safe).

If any participant sees something that would warrant a cease of play, they must yell “STOP” or inform a staff member. (Example: Medical emergency such as injured player or fire)

Once you hear “STOP” all players much stop playing immediately and wait for further instructions from the staff.



Gun Clearing Guide


Electric guns


▪ Remove the magazine from the gun

▪ Discharge the gun in the dry fire box 3 to 5 times* times on semi-auto to ensure the chamber is clear.

* Airsoft guns with a large number of remaining bbs require more shots to be completely cleared.

Example P90 etc.

▪ Safety selector/catch put to safe


Gas & Spring guns.


▪ Remove the magazine from the gun

▪ Rack the gun until the chamber is empty.

▪ Safety selector/catch put to safe

▪ If applicable, keep the bolt/slide locked to the rear.

(Revolver cylinders must be in a swing-out position)

Game Rules & Etiquette

All games are semi-auto only at HEXERA.

Note: Fully automatic & burst fire may be enabled depending on the situation and game type.

One hit and you are out, if a BB hits any part of your body this includes airsoft guns and equipment such as plate carriers this should be declared as a hit.

Once hit you must walk back to the Safety area or wait to respawn (Depending on game type). Try to walk with your Airsoft gun lowered and your hands in the air to avoid confusing other players. HIT players are classed as dead. Dead players cannot talk or interact with other active players until respawn.

If you are unsure if you have been “HIT” the best practice is to call yourself HIT anyway. 

Friendly Fire or “FF” at HEXERA is considered that both players are classed as HIT.

If it can be clearly judged as a ricochet this is NOT classed as a HIT.

There is no “Freeze” or minimum engagement distance rule at HEXERA.

No “zombie” acts (to continue playing without declaring HIT.) Be sure to clearly identify any “Zombie” player to a member of staff. We will monitor or give them a warning if needed.

No “overkill” (Keep shooting despite opposing player making a HIT call.) Be clear about being HIT, raise your hands while shouting “HIT” as you move through the Arena. 

No “blind fire”, You must be able to clearly see and ID your targets before you shoot.

Before game start please test shoot your gun into the dry fire box. Do not test fire randomly in the arena against walls, floor or roof etc.


If you see any violation of HEXERA rules from other players, please do not confront the player. Please report it to the staff and we will respond to the issue promptly.

*It is mandatory to report issues to the staff on the day and not to post on SNS at a later date. We ask for your cooperation so that everyone can enjoy the game.

Any player guilty of un-sportsmanlike conduct such as shouting, obscene behaviour, cursing, or disrupting play will be stopped from playing.

No physical contact with opponents and team members.

Running and sliding is acceptable but please do so in a safe manner.

(If the staff judges that it is to dangerous, such as hitting a barricade or another player with too much force, or hindering HIT judgment, we may ask you to stop.)

Airsoft Gun rules & standards

Please carry all airsoft guns in a gun case, gun bag, etc. until you enter the building (HEXERA). The parking area and smoking area is considered outside the arena, carrying exposed airsoft guns into or out of the building can result in rejection from HEXERA.

When you are on a break and you wish to visit the convenience store, smoking area or visit your car between games be sure that handguns are not in holsters.

Airsoft guns with no working safety switch/catch are prohibited.

Use of airsoft guns without a switch for selection between semi-auto and full-auto is prohibited.

*Only handguns without a safety catch/switch are allowed as long as the slide is locked in the safety area.

(Revolver: cylinders/wheel must be removed)

*For rifles the staff will make a decision on the day.

Do not use airsoft guns with a sharp muzzles or sharp points, or airsoft guns with an inner barrel protruding from the outer barrel.

All guns must have a trigger guard.

● All Binary Triggers are prohibited.

● Two fingers on any trigger are prohibited (piano shooting/two finger shooting).



We will check the power of all the airsoft guns with a speed checker.

All players must only use Airsoft guns in their games. These guns must conform to Japan’s laws.

The legal limits on the power/fps of Airsoft guns in Japan is 0.98J/99ms or less using 6mm BBs of 0.2g.

*After your gun has been speed checked you are prohibited from modifying your gun. If your gun malfunctions/breaks, please inform a staff member and we will check the gun again after its repair.


0.2g / 6mm or less, plastic, semi-bio, bio, phosphorescent(Tracer) BBs can be used.

* We may measure the weight of BB’s during the game or during breaks without notice.


We only accept [HFC-134a] [HFC-152a] and [HFO-1234ze+LPG] gas


CO2 guns are welcome if they are under the power limit. For CO2 cartridges, only those sold for air guns by domestic Japanese brands can be used.

If you wish to change CO2 cartridge, please do so in the game Arena, Shooting range or Gunfight area. Changing out cartridges in the safety area is prohibited.

We hold the right to check any gun without notice at any time.


* Please understand in advance that CO2 guns are subject to stricter checks than gas guns.


All, HPA and external source Airsoft guns are strictly prohibited.

[External source/HPA rules] ※Only Charter game/ Gunfight area/ External source open game

〇 Regulators: Only Sun Project products can be used.

Hose Adapters: we accepts all manufacturers.

Gas: Green gas (with label) only.

〇 After the Speed/power check, the staff will tape and date the regulator.

* Prohibition of tampering of tape.

〇 You can use all airsoft guns that can be used in this arena but must be below all power standards.


〇 In the safety area, always keep the adapter removed from the airsoft gun.

* You can leave the magazine attached to the adapter!

The use of grenade launchers, claymores, 40 Mike etc. is prohibited.

Deceleration adapters on all weapons are prohibited.

Cartridges that fire more than one round are prohibited.



Shotguns that can change the number of BB’s fired such as 3 to 6, HEXERA only accepts 3 shots.

Electric shotguns such as the AA-12 are prohibited at HEXERA.

Gas semi auto shotgun Saiga 12k is prohibited in this arena.


Grenades are welcome at HEXERA. 1 Grenade per game only, Grenades that release BB’s must be thrown under arm and cannot be thrown over a barricade. If a grenade goes off with no BB hit this is not a HIT.

Note: The use of grenades is strictly prohibited on all staircases in HEXERA.


* Please store all grenades in a dedicated storage location in the arena. Live grenades are prohibited from safety area. Grenades cannot be refilled or loaded in the safety area.

Weapon accessories, Tactical equipment and Prohibited items

Tactical lights can be used (1000 lumens or less). Use of strobe/Flashing functions are prohibited.

The use of lasers (Of any class including IR) is prohibited.

Shields and weapon mounted ballistic gun shields are prohibited.

Do not use items that make loud noises such as blank firing guns.

Do not bring knives and other such weapons into the store.

Medical scissors and multitools etc are prohibited in all play areas but are welcome in the safety area.

Bayonets, swords and other such dummy imitation weapons are prohibited regardless of material such as rubber, foam or plastic.

Drinking alcohol inside and outside the store is prohibited.

Food and drink are strictly prohibited from all play areas (Arena, Range and Gunfight area).

Pyrotechnic, smoke, stun or sound grenades are prohibited.

Burnable items such as alcoholic beverages, aerosol sprays, fireworks etc are prohibited.

The use of lighters and other heat producing equipment is strictly prohibited.

Please note that any item that the staff deems to dangerous will be prohibited.

HEXERA retains the right to modify or change any of these rules as we see fit to ensure the

safety and quality of our Arena and games.


HEXERA AIRSOFT ARENA is not responsible of an accident, injury, theft, or other such troubles in the store or parking lot, the customer is solely responsible.

Items that are lost on site and not collected by the player will be held at the sites “Lost & Found” area. If you suspect you have lost an item, please contact us with a description of the item and the staff will promptly return you the item. We will hold an item for 1 month if no claim has been made by then we will dispose of the item.

In the unlikely event that damage is discovered from a free game or charter event, we may charge for the amount of damage caused by offending player/group.

Other Violations

It is prohibited to go out of the Arena with upper and lower (Full) camouflage uniforms, equipment, and exposed airsoft guns, including when entering and leaving the store.

We may refuse entrance to the Arena with clothes or cosplay that our Arena staff judges to be offensive such as excessive exposure, clothes with visible underwear, offensive writing/markings etc and offensive cosplay.

Please refrain from talking loudly outside the building at night, such as inside the parking area or smoking area, for the consideration of the neighbors to the building.

International players are very welcome to play at HEXERA AIRSOFT ARENA, however you must have a clear understanding of either Japanese or English language or if you have somebody to help translate for you. If the above can’t be met we can’t accept entry from the perspective of safety management.

Customers who have been banned from other airsoft sites may be refused entry.


Please remember our staff have the final say. If you refuse to understand the staff’s cautions, requests or warnings, you will be asked to leave the store.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the Arena and we can clarify anything you may be interested in.